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The Seadart Dive Team

Seadart Divers with recovered ships propeller

Seadart Divers Association was set up by a small group of experienced divers that found they had a common interest in the exploration of wreck sites found in the waters off the Dorset coast in the English Channel.

Over the years what started out as a group of like minded friends diving for pleasure soon turned into a group of accomplished Search and Salvage Divers. With their combined diving experience, a unique local knowledge of the waters and the history of the wrecks found in the area, their efforts soon started to uncover some unusual and interesting finds.

Seadart Divers over the Halsewell wreck site

It was then decided to form Seadart and, through this Association, donated some of the finds to Swanage Pier Exhibition Centre so they may be shared by the general public. As more artifacts are recovered the items are made for sale either as a collection through the Receiver of Wreck UK or as individual items to the general public. The funds raised help to offset the cost of diving operations.

The members of the Seadart Dive Team are: Bob, Gary, Chris, Ian, Mark & Andy.