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Diver Profile - Gary

Seadart Diver Gary.

Name :


Age :

40 ish.

Occupation :

Crash Repair/Garage Owner.

Diving History :

1976 Bsac 2nd class. Advanced Lifting/Salvage operations. Advanced Explosive/Cutting/Welding Operations. NAS part I. RYA Crew member. Bsac dry suit training course.

Best Find :

The Halsewell.

Favourite Bit of Kit :

1979 Whites PI 1000. Underwater Detector.

Favourite Dive Location :

Halsewell site.

Best Part of Diving :

Finding gold.

Worst Part of Diving :

Getting wet.

Other Interests :

Land metal detecting.

Personal Quote :

"UK diving, every 30ft is a new dive site".