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Diver Profile - Bob

Seadart Diver Bob

Name :


Age :

Over 60.

Occupation :

Retired .

Diving History :

Qualified RN ships diver 1964. Qualified RN SAR (Search & Rescue) diver 1967.

Best Find :

First official gold coin from Halsewell in 40 years.

Favourite Bit of Kit :

The chutney box.

Favourite Dive Location :

Anywhere that isn't to deep and you can see more than 6 inches.

Best Part of Diving :

The joy of flying in a chopper one minute and being on the seabed the next.

Worst Part of Diving :

When your so-called dry suit fills with water.

Other Interests :

Work to finance diving ops.

Personal Quote :

"Should I declare this to ROW".