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Recovered Artifacts

Silver coin from the Halsewell on display.

After all the hard work and considerable expense put in by Seadart it would not be out of the question to expect a little return, and the Halsewell has not disapointed. Over the years a collection of recovered artifacts has been assembled that any Dive Team would be proud of. Items range from the mundane to the exotic, from the commonplace items of the day to the unusual.

Being a ship of the East India Company the Halsewell was carrying not only sailors but civilian passengers and military personnel from the company's own private army. This mix of people and cargo provides a unique insight in to commercial, military and private life in the latter part of the 1700's. Items recoverd include:

Collection os artifacts from the Halsewell on display. Coins from the Halsewell on display.

Seadart Divers have donated a large part of their collection to various museums and exhibitions. Some of the finest examples can be seen on display in the Swanage Pier Exhibition Centre.

All artifacts recovered from the Halsewell are declared to Maritime & Coastguard Agency-Receiver of Wreck. It is only after clearance from the Receiver that donations are made and items made available for sale to the general public. No profit is made by Seadart from any donations or sales as all proceeds are put to subsidising diving operations.