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Dive Boat - Halsewell II

Dive boat Halsewell II.

Halsewell II is a hard hulled Shetland boat of about 20 yrs old. She has a small cabin on the front end providing a useful storage area. The rear of the boat has a nice clear open deck space. This area is ideal for diving ops, with a small platform for kitting up. She is fitted with a 60HP Yamaha outboard, which powers her along the coast to the wreck site.

Since the loss of Cave Cave, it has fallen on to Halsewell 2 to carry the heavy equipment needed for shifting large boulders and propping up others. Transporting items like Acrows, scaffold tubes, iron bars and heavy duty hydraulic jacks along with the usual heavy tools such as chisels and lump hammers, the Halsewell II certainly earns her money.

Dive boat Halsewell II.

Ideally Halsewell II will accommodate two divers and a shite-hawk (standing room only for the shite-hawk). We have managed to take up to four divers at one time but this was a bit overcrowded. We would like to thank R&G Property Maintenance who supply all heavy-duty equipment used on the Halsewell site. They never complain when we take it back all rusty.

Halsewell II is an excellent work horse and, being a fairly small craft she is capable of getting right over the wreck site and close to the cliffs. This makes the job of lowering heavy equipment straight down to the work areas much easier. Halsewell II is also fitted with the latest 12 volt DC Surfaced demand diving equipment so there is a saving on the deck space as no air tanks are needed.