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The Seadart Dive Boat Fleet

Halsewell II back from operations.

Seadart Divers Association are lucky enough to run several dive boats. All the boats operate from Swanage in Dorset, which provides an ideal base for the diving operations undertaken on the Halsewell wreck site. Boats have come and gone over the years, most get just plain worn out from the heavy work load placed on them and one being lost to the elements and becoming wrecked herself.

A combination of inflatable and hard hulled boats provide the Seadart Dive Team with answers to most logistical problems. Although the usual role for the dive boats is mainly transportation of equipment and divers to the wreck site, occasionally heavy lifting and towing is required. They may looked a little tatty round the edges at times and pleasure craft they are most certainly not, but they worth is invaluable.

Obsession II over the Halsewell wreck site

All boats are launched from the slipway located in the Boat Park at Swanage, just adjacent to the Lifeboat Station. Permenant moorings have been established for the boats close to the Pier providing easy access when dive operations are in progress. During the off-season and when no diving is planned, the boats are taken out of the water. This provides an ideal oportunity to carry out running repairs, make modifactions and install new equipment.

The Seadart Dive fleet is: Halsewell II, Obsession II & our latest addition Prowler (details coming soon).