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Swanage Dive Sites

Swanage Pier

Swanage Pier.

Swanage Pier is considered a nice easy shore dive with easy entry and exit. The shallow depth of only up to 6 or 7 meters at high tide, makes this an ideal dive for inexperienced and trainee divers. A surface marker buoy is strongly recommended due to the amount of small boats that frequent the area, if you're planning on venturing too far from beneith the pier itself. The pier has plenty of wildlife to enjoy including crabs, lobsters, fish and anemones.

Swanage Pier: 50° 36.5’ N : 01° 57.07’ W


The Australian steamer Kyarra.

The Kyarra is probably the areas most dived wreck. Kyarra was torpedoed in 1918 whilst on a voyage to Australia. The 400 feet long wreckage lies at a depth of 30 meters with plenty to see and discover. Bottles of champagne, wine and perfume are frequently found, some still intact, but gold & silver pocket watches are still turning up So you never know your luck. The Kyarra should only be dived at slack water.

Kyarra: 50° 34.9’ N : 01° 56.57’ W

Peveril Ledge

View across Durlston Bay to the Peveril Ledge.

The Peveril Ledge is reef of rock formations extending out to sea from the coast. Depths vary from 10 to 23 metres, but can drop away to 27 metres and there is a hole down to 38 metres, so care should be taken. Wildlife is plentiful in the crevices and gullies. The walls of rock can force the currents of water upwards making surface conditions dangerous and a watchfull eye is needed.

Peveril Ledge: 50° 36.4’ N : 01° 56.3’ W

Fleur de Lys

The fishing boat Fleur de Lys.

The Fleur de Lys wreck is located just inside Swanage Bay. She is a small french fishing boat around 16 metres long and laying in 13 metres of water. The sheltered location and shallow depth make the Fleur de Lys an ideal wrecks for novice divers, as well as making a great second dive. Marine life concentrates its self around the wreck and provides a nice distration after exploring the wreck itself.

Fleur de Lys: 50° 37.4’ N : 01° 56.0’ W

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