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Metal Detectors

Handy Aqua metal detector

Handy Aqua

Handy Aqua is the first metal detector that we purchased. It is a very basic type of detector with no discrimination but very good for anything metal and will reach a considerable depth. Our first gold coins were found with this machine, which is now 11 years old and still working well. Price was £400.00 but it's no longer in production. Garretts Sea Hunter MKII metal detector

Garretts Sea Hunter MKII

Garretts Sea Hunter MKII is a great detector for working on the Halsewell wreck site. Its short length make it ideal for working in tight spots where some longer handled detectors can become cumbersome. It has a discrimination scan which seems to work pretty well and a good working depth. Priced at around £400.00 in 2004, these units are a definate favourite with the Seadart Dive Team. Aquavision Pro 2005 metal detector

Aquavision Pro 2005

What would expect from a £95.00 underwater metal detector brought off e-bay? Well, if you manage to get you hands on a Aquavision Pro 2005 it will be a pleasent surprise and £95.00 well spent. The sensitivity and the discrimination is a bit basic, but it sort of works. It will detect a silver coin to a depth of about 6" - 8" and will be ideal for detecting cannon balls and big lumps of metal.