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A collection of data and photos of our part of the Errington’s

Hello All.
Some new updates 30-09-2021.Prior to Fred and Frances Errington.

Updates coming soon, some photo videos. (this post 31-12-2020)
My latest e-mail address is tiger22@talktalk.net

This website revolves around Frances and Fred Errington (Frances 1872 to 1962)
(Fred 1868 to 1930).
There are some pages prior to Frances and Fred just to give you an insight to the earlier Errington’s.

You will note that in the menu bar at the top of this page the name Frances Errington, this is a link to the first page of the Tree. Everything branches out from there.

You will also note that some names are in blue text and underlined, these are links to other web pages to other parts of that family.

This is a private website in as much as those that have the web address can only view it. You will not be able to find it on Google or any other search engine.
If you know of anyone that may be interested in our Family Tree then by all means pass on the web address.
If you find mistakes or would like to add additional information You can either email me a
t tiger22@talktalk.net or use the guestbook. Links are dotted around the website.



I have collected quite a lot of dater from the census issued between
1851 and 1901, this is all to be sorted and posted on the web site.
Also Nicky has supplied a lot of useful information, all to be sorted and posted.
We have discovered from the 1861 census that Joseph Errington was born in
Gibraltar in 1799 and if still living there in 1805
[which we have no reason to believe other]
he would have been a witness to the triumphant fleet returning to
Gibraltar after the Battle of Trafalgar.
I would imagine there would have been a lot of celebrating going on.
Hence the pictures of Gib and Victory.(Pages still to be added)


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