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Update Tue 26th May 2020

Beach Bookings on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca look likely to be necessary this year as Community Pools remain shut.

Strict requirements mean only a small percentage of community pools will be open this year leading to a shortage of available sunbeds on Spain’s overcrowded beaches.

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Update Sun 24th May 2020

Murcia Today
Will Ryanair be able to fly to Spain.

Will Ryanair be able to fly to Spain even though it wants to?
At the moment there are a lot of different factors which need to be taken into consideration
Although Ryanair has announced plans to restore 40% of flight schedules from July 1st on 90 percent of its route network, some of which will be scheduled for Spain, is it realistic to expect that flights to Spain will be able to operate as planned given the current evolution of the Covid-19 VIRUS worldwide?

Are RyanAir pulling a fast one.
It’s a canny move by the airline as new bookings will contribute to improving its cash flow.

THE DE-ESCALATION PLAN. See attached news page and more detail for the above items. (click on logos)
Info from Murcia Today.

Things are looking up but still a bit iffy 1st week in July. Still plenty of time for things to change.



Update 23rd May 2020

From Murcia Today FB.

Good news! Murcia is moving into phase 2 this week, which means bars can open part of their interior areas, shopping centres can re-open, we can all exercise and walk throughout the day, cinemas and theatres can re-open with limited entry numbers...beaches can open although that topic is still causing some problems will be better. Full updated list of what we can and can't do to follow later on once the official text has been published. It's not worth trying to use an old list, as we all know by now, things keep changing every 5 minutes, but hey, good news for a Friday afternoon!

Not to sure on this one, seems to good to be true. We wait and see. ( Peachy will be pleased)


Update 22nd May 2020 click logo for full report

Ryanair flights: dates you can fly to European countries according to the budget airline, as it plans to operate 1,000 daily flights from July

Now that the UK has put plans in place for the easing of lockdown, many Brits are looking forward to the prospect of travelling abroad again.
As more countries around the world continue to lift restrictions, including popular tourist spots Spain and Italy, airlines are now starting to plan their flight schedules in preparation for the lifting of travel bans.
Ryanair has advised checking with the relevant authorities before travelling as restrictions update regularly.

Note from Ryan Air.
Europe is reopening. In addition to our limited flight schedule, from 1 July we’re operating 1,000 daily flights. Travel restrictions update regularly, also check with the relevant authorities before you fly.



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Euro Weekly.

As Benidorm holidays suffer another blow, residents on Spain’s Costa Blanca have come out in support of the mayor.

TONI PEREZ has demanded transparency from the regional government after its decision to not apply for Phase 2 of relaxed lockdown at this moment.
He said yesterday there is a “lack of transparency” and “demanded information” from the Ministry of Health after Ana Barcelo announced “no municipality, territory, province or area of health within Valencia Community” will be put forward for the next phase of Spain’s de-escalation.

Beni is on phase 1 at the moment and looking to get to phase 2 (more bars etc open) .....
The higher the phase number the less restrictions there are.


(Update 20th May 2020)

RyanAir web site

We would like to reassure customers that our existing policies and procedures are in line with the guidance provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and EASA.

No official updates from the RyanAir web site, plenty from the MSM (main stream media) Guardian, BBC, Sky news, etc. all putting their twist on the latest news. Not worth quoting.


Not a bad source for info, they usually get things right.

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Spain aims to open the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol up to British holidaymakers by late June 2020.

Transport Minister for Spain Jose Luis Abalos said he hope to welcome British holidaymakers back to Spain for the summer holidays, “From late June, we’ll start the tourism activity, I hope,” he said.

His comments follow Spain imposing a two-week quarantine on all overseas travellers, saying it was needed to avoid a second wave of Covid-19. While the measure was meant to be only temporary, Abalos said the quarantine would only be phased out in parallel with movement being allowed within Spain, where regions are easing restrictions in different phases. A recent update to this is worth mentioning however as the UK government is proposing a so-called ‘Air-Bridge’ system that would allow international travel to resume. It works by allowing travellers from countries with low-controlled rates of the virus to be able to move more freely between ports.

Alicante (City) is in phase 0 and Benidorm is in phase 1 so if you could land in Alicante you would not be able to travel to Benidorm. Also the 14 day quarantine is in force. All at present, so totally irrelevant. Just saying